Майнинг litecoin, корпус 2 блока питания на 4 видеокарты, эффективное охлаждение

hello everyone, so I made the second version of the company, its dimensions are 32 centimeters height 55 centimeters width and 45 centimeters of water on in this version already two if you use only two power supplies 750 watt corsairs modular stacked them upright and fans taken away from driving from the general stream [music] 4 cards are placed here, if desired, and functions 5 5 everything is decided by the motherboard by the person of the system that everything works and everything is for me to work on it on Windows and it's just easier here it turned out to be much more compact in width here is the previous one farm for 4 power supplies and this is for two power supplies filling is absolutely the same vat the same payment sinful processor and 4 cards 3 gigabytes 280 of them and 1tasto 270 mosques there on the right for example open and corners for example. I'll show you how she did from behind [music] this truss is smaller so only four fans are used here 120 is quite enough previous firm was 12 [music] well, everything looks beautiful too she is made the handles of the flying hair dryers fittings from the chest they of course it is convenient here they are already going so well the lid is already being screwed self-tapping screws after all and then rubles are also supporting the rear river modular reactors here are the genuine power supplies by scheppach [music] stuffing when the previous chicco I also suffer from the same razer and you can't buy one of the jokes will be used quite delivery of what I managed to buy selected the previous version three more idea I'll buy you well, it's fun 7 8 video like that such beauty is often much colder outside we have 20 minutes room 18 degrees here yokota just do not add 3 temperature in in the area of ​​60 degrees and higher in this farm they cool better more space more [music] you can put the following and build a whole wardrobe another half kilowatt excellent if communard let them do not hesitate to write in a personal

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