Майнинг Эфириума и его форков. SC на Siamining Часть 43

I greet you
on my channel. One of the subscribers asked me to make a video about the mining
of Ethereum in a dual mode with Siacoin. Earlier, I had
already tried to mine Siacoin, but Nanopool did not pay me!
Miner worked, the hash rate was displayed, but the coins
in the statistics did not appear. Today I tried
to mine Siacoin on the pool siamining.com – the process goes fine,
the coins are added. Now Siacoin has risen sharply, approximately in 12 times: Earlier it cost $0.0005 and now it's $0.0062! Long or no pumping will last
– I do not know, but I calculated, that now
we can have a profit about thirty percent in compare to the mining
in the "Ethereum only" mode.

Who wants to mine
Siacoin in a dual – try it, here is
the pool of Siamining, on which I decided
to mine this coin. On this pool, you need to insert Your coin address is SC.
This address is taken at the Poloniex Stock Exchange: here we write "SC", press Enter (this is the "Balances-Deposits
& Withdrawals" page), copy your address
to the clipboard (I explain everything
quickly because explained many times already) and I paste: first in the
window "Enter Siacoin Address" on a Siamining pool and I click "Go" (the page of your statistics appeared). Then we open the batch file "Start-ETH-Ethermine + SC-Siamining.bat" right click,"Edit" and see my address of the coin SC. Next is the dot and my
"worker", whom I called 1060. Here you highlight
my coin address and instead of my
address you write own.

Close the batch file
and save the changes. As you can see,
mining is rather fast. See the blue shares of Ethereum and the green shares of Siacoin. I mining with the GTX1060 card, but with AMD cards using same miner the coin will be mining similarly. If there are questions –
please ask under this video,
private questions as always, write to e-mail (email is indicated
under the video). This is all for now – my best
wishes and until new meetings!

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