Майнинг Эфириума и его форков. Новый дуал-майнер Часть 44

Greetings you on my channel. In this short video
I report the news: a new miner software from
Claymore came out – dual-miner, which mining the
Ethereum or it's fork and the second coin: Pascal,
Siacoin, Lbry or Decred. In this miner software Claymore solved
the problem of mining Siacoin on Nicehash and Siamining pools: yes, on Nicehash mining of
Siacoin did not work, and I did not check Siamining. And there is almost nothing of value: did not work fan control with the latest drivers for video cards – now works. The -mpsw command let you set a password for remote access
to the farm by means of the miner, in the miner's folder we have program for remote
access EthMan, but we manage farms
using TeamViewer software.

In general – nothing interesting
except that we can again to mine Siacoin on
the Nicehash pool. Link to the miner software
will be under this video, In the miner's folder a
lot of batch files – use. My best wishes and
to see you again..

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