Майним SiaCoin (SC) картами Nvidia на пуле Siamining.com

I greet you on my channel. Today I continued
experiments on Siacoin mining
and found out that it is more advantageous
mining with Nvidia cards: in comparison with Ethereum, the
difference in profit is small. One card 1060 on the Ethereum
gives $2.36 per day, and on Siacoin –
$2.33 per day – pretty much the same. If we switch to AMD cards, then the
difference is more noticeable. How to mine Siacoin? We will be mining on the
siamining.com – that one considered yesterday
in the dual-mining mode. Let me remind you that in dual mode
you can mine Siacoin as with AMD cards, and with Nvidia cards,
but if you want mine only one Siacoin, then you need to use
a special version of Ccminer, I'll post a link
to it under this video.

The start line in the batch
file looks simple, like this: you need to replace MY
Siacoin coin address here (this one), to yours "SC" address, which you will take on
the Poloniex exchange. Here, write the
name of your "Worker" (I called it "1060"),
here you write "x". I set the intensity at 28,
on the miner exit I have crash of video driver,
but it's recovering, and it does not affect to work and
does not require a reboot. The speed of mining
about a thousand Mh/s. That's all. Ask questions under this video,
and private questions, as usual by email. Best wishes and until new meetings!.

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