Крипторулетка #1 – випадкова торгівля на 100$ криптою: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple та інші

Hi! My name is Ilya, I'm 6 years old. I do not understand nothing in cryptocurrencies, but added 100 dollars to the exchange and every week I’ll trade like that as my crypto-roulette says If you're wondering if I’ll get rich or lose everything – subscribe to the channel The rules are simple. Once a week I will spin roulette three times If it shows a coin that I don't have yet I will buy it for 10 dollars, otherwise – selling In the case of a double – spin again When the dollars run out I will sell the first available coin on arrow way Get started! First spin Second spin Third spin This is a crypto exchange account now there is only 100 dollars, this is the first deposit Do what the crypto-roulette said Warning! cryptocurrency trading is a big risk never invest those funds that are a pity to lose A start! See you next week! Till!

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