Криптовалюта Tezos (XTZ) – Блокчейн 3.0 | Обзор платформы Tezos

What is the Tezos platform? What is the main difference of this
platform from Ethereum and other competitors? You are on CryptoInside, and today
we have a review platform for smart contracts Tezos. Tezos is a platform for
smart contracts, such the same as the ethereum, Lisk, eos and others. But the main difference between the platform
Tezos from everyone else is in that Tezos has a protocol
updating through network management. This control system
is gradual renovation of the block without
the release of hardfork. Usually, for
updates of block developer developers produce a hardfork that
makes a change to the original blockchain. In Tezos, developers can
update the blockchain without carrying out a hardfork. About what is hardfork
you can look at our channel by clicking on the card
in the upper right corner of the screen. Owners of cryptocurrency
Tezos can vote for this or that proposal.

Adding this feature creates
incentives for developers, to continue to improve
on Tezos, instead of work for free, relying
donations or sponsorship investors. This innovative structure
will allow Tezos to support independent developers,
who contribute in the development of the protocol. The next advantage
Tezos in front of competitors this is the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Proof-of-work is effective, but
resource-intensive method in peer-to-peer networks. At the moment, the network Ethereum
consumes more energy, than a small country, such
such as Cyprus. Proof of stake is much more energy efficient
than proof-of-work and allows participate in the process
single mining. To participate you need to own
only tokens, not to spend money for the purchase of equipment
and electricity. An additional advantage
PoS is what the method provides for fines,
if someone tries to attack the network. The delegated PoS means,
that the owners of Tezos tokens can delegate someone
another for confirmation on their behalf. The Tezos platform also uses
language with the possibility of formal verification – Michelson. Function of formal verification
allows you to check the code smart contract and identify
there are some mistakes in it.

Formal code verification
It confirms that certain properties of a smart contract
will be executed. There have already been cases in smart contracts
etherium, when users lost their money because of
not understanding what functions are registered in a smart contract. "Tezos is the first blockchain,
formalizing management at the protocol level. We see in this fascinating
an experiment that potential can lead
to a huge breakthrough, "- commented new blockchain-platform
founder and CEO of a hedge fund Polychain Capital Olaf Carson-Vie
at the beginning of this year, when Polychain Capital has invested in the development of

Co-founder of the Tezos project
Kathleen Brightman said, that Tezos has developed its own
own language of smart contracts Michelson, which is intended
to facilitate formal verification. Formal verification is a process,
mathematically guaranteeing certain
aspects of computer code. In particular, it is used
in the aerospace industry, where the cost of the error is especially
is high. If Tezos developers want
make changes to the code, they will have to pay. Usually hardforks is undesirable,
because they lead to conflict within the network community
and increase volatility crypto-currency. So, recall, Ethereum twice
produced hardfork. The first, the most serious,
after the DAO Ethereum about $ 60 million was stolen. As a result, there were two detainees
Ethereum and two coins – Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (community,
disagreeing with the cancellation ICO DAO Ethereum, which announced
development team Ethereum, led by Vitalik
Buterin) The second essential difference
Tezos from Bitcoin or etherium it is an consensus alghoritm.

In the case of the Tezos
consensus algorithm will be based on DPoS (delegated confirmation
share) at which for verification transactions are not
all the manufacturers of blocks, as in Bitcoin, but only
elected. But the holders of the tokens
the right to participate in verification. This will give a higher
transaction speed. Such a system of consensus
proposed and blockbuster EOS. But the main thing, what is focused on
development team Tezos, – security of transactions,
which so far can not provide Ethereum.

Tezos because of all these improvements
already called "blockchain 3.0 ". June 30, the fund Tezos, finally,
launched a beta network. Almost a year has passed since
successful ICO collection, during the which managed to collect
232 million dollars, setting a record at that time. Now, in front of you the table
comparison of the Ethereum and Tezos. Among the obvious advantages
platform Tezos can be distinguished: • Project creation work
have been in operation since 2014. • Development team
consists of highly experienced specialists. • Platform management
implemented through consensus. • The emphasis is on high
protection level. • Promotion of content
a major venture investor Tim Draper. • Universal popularity
and media attention mass information. But Tezos could not escape
and certain shortcomings: • While the electronic asset
is in beta mode. • No restriction
volume of produced, in time of primary sale
tokens, coins. • Own programming language,
that can cause subsequently some difficulties. • A lot of competitors
On the market. Capture it so simply
will not work.

Tezos seems very
promising and promising digital currency, which
be sure to add in your investment portfolio. If the project team succeeds
realize what was conceived, then Tezos can really become
strong competitor among platforms for smart contracts. All prerequisites for this
there are: own algorithm programming, high
degree of safety and an incredibly successful ICO. Subscribe to our channel,
thubms up, leave your comments. Also do not forget to press
to the bell to prevent skip new videos.

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