taking them press on the techno channel Riga and today I will tell you about that how to get cryptocurrency on a freebie or about cryptocurrency faucets as many already know exists and such, in general, what is their advantage but directly in the fact that the cryptocurrency of us it constantly grows and falls and you can collect a small piece of satosh each of the cryptocurrencies on each of the faucets which I will show you now for for many it will probably not be a discovery but for someone it will be possible to say everything in joy, I'll tell you how I collect directly cryptocurrency on these screens and tell you how you can too will collect it just quickly and people even in the villages they collect this here cryptocurrency, I was actually surprised on these here directly taps I'll tell you about them and then directly perhaps I will add several taps in a separate video if this video you of course like it and you put big thumbs up but also required subscribe to channel 3 cryptocurrency faucets I think many are known and also still there is a cryptocurrency faucet on the exchange likes here here is the clazzi free coins link to the exchange will also be in the description and a link to these taps which I will also present in the description will be follow them register and I I'll tell you more how to collect it will be possible simple and convenient every hour well in in principle there is nothing unusual now here for afrikaans [ __ ] here with them some kind of constantly modernization some garden work and with this here section recently I collected everything here paid in general, but here you can look at my balance now let's see a different kind that's what interesting things here are of various kinds coins are given even before school is given here because this is a very very small part of it and some are completely unknown at all what is the advantage of this exchange and collecting cryptocurrencies here in that that she can grow up is unrealistic maybe you're just for the benches the price you don't really get anything from it at all will you collect, for example, currencies to power yes with some that is not bad yes look that is for example in relation to the cue ball is very good that old some positions here we have very even it's not bad for her, for example, with btc that is no help, but not the bottom line like this here you are collecting you are collecting and very much you can even collect quite well in the end under sweat when the coin grows up then, by the way, I'll tell you about altcoin and where is it better to invest already I have several of these coins a couple of insider moments information is also available therefore I'll tell you later in a separate video well I don’t know whether he will make him wait a long time for that, so now here is the free bitcoin site here at it all depends on what the number of us here will fall out to twist in in general, a trigger or here you can press this roll button basically every hour and you will get a separate number from 0 to 9 1885 you will be here such a modest amount to be charged well and further increasing but also respectively move and variation naturally it happens less that it happens that such a butt sometimes happens this is what it depends on friends it depends on how often you generally go to this site and twist put this trigger here captcha and twist and but it's not the only site in general is a link to it will be in the description register here very simple registration on the very In fact, you don't need an email and, in general, a password enter then confirm the email and all that is here then I do not even show I'm going to you how to do it but not everywhere on all sites you need to enter captcha that is, here we also have a website by heat, you can also collect it apple by the way, it plans to grow in the future how insiders and various traders suggest he will grow so I him and collecting we will be here I am not a robot and press row and wait, see what we have this number will be drawn accordingly, this amount of advertising received and then we wait an hour as I do these all sites opened in a browser on a mobile the phone entered them from your username and password and naturally and every hour I try twist directly here this is how I already said the trigger yes so there is a website free dogcoin too the reference will be here for for example, the dropped number can give you up to 28000 dogecoin of about dogecoin maybe then I'll tell you this currency is very such which is served pam pu and it is mainly for such investors who dads like to drink on currency because this currency with unlimited number of missions and and can simulate literally everyone and who are not lazy and but about this I'll probably tell you later too so as not to drag out this video but in it you can also earn money, guys they also earn here on each of these sites but at least 2 pro freebitcoin and about the debts horse I'm talking about right now free ripple if I don't say it because what is here only in development it is in in general, the position is a lottery here you can also absolutely free here is here to play and try your hand at the lottery that is you put some value here certain and bet on the decline or the rise here is also because there is play here are some win-win moments, but I will also tell them later how in principle, you can increase your and capital earned free of charge a few more even a few thousand coins in particular when talking about prepositions if not this if I will be too time I can tell you later about but for now it's better to collect coins and watch wait what will happen to them in further well, you can try of course play but you can still do it drain all these coins you collected give now introduced here captcha because there are, of course, methods for win-win option, but you need to understand that the robot anyway, they will try to drain you after a certain the amount of your winnings but there are people who earned here and bitcoin one bitcoin represent yes with almost zero started or got started ships made money and earned here bitcoin exactly on this one here the robot that gives you the opportunity spin the roll too and win to play the lottery is real made the cue ball for some specific strategies they also told about it what is the school of those sites in what they distribute free coins due to the fact that here they are show nonsense ads on the in particular on rip there are a lot of advertisements here she's not scary for you regular teaser ads usually pop-ups nothing to you here download is not offered therefore well, no matter how afraid you should not, and now if you such a number will drop out, you can even 300 cut bucks but if we talk about directly doji as here too not bad well yes jack now it hits something growing again I say it is fed to the memory poo coin, too, will not sharpen on this attention and cue ball, too, up to 11000 you can make money so it's that simple spin the roll every hour and in general, that's all right and also go to the exchange here too there are free coins here about what he did workers are absolutely just here he is last time now is a week the latter described technical support by the way, instantly answers here tech support doesn't like it and they told me that there is any revision of modernization [ __ ] yesterday he worked yesterday i'm under I collected under I collected coins and that's it and this section stopped working again well in the near future start it again friends all links will be in the description I hope I helped you, I told you something new something interesting then in further we will analyze what happens to the cryptocurrency market then he falls then he grows it is not clear what's wrong with him generally this happens in what coins are best invested in which including I invested money for the debt term and I'm not going to take them out until the coin they should make normal Xs I need to make these coins invested directly well and in general, then all follow the channel subscribe to the channel put big thumbs up all big profit on cryptocurrencies in the field so far

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