Как вернуть криптовалюту, Как правильно торговать криптовалютой, Как обменять криптовалюту, Binance

welcome to the crypto cat channel this is a training video on how to optimize the balances of your cryptocurrencies on the Binance crypto exchange, as you know, when you trade on the Binance crypto exchange, you are charged a certain commission also, in addition to this commission, remains a certain amount of coins that you cannot use for example buying any currency, let's say we buy ethereum for bitcoins, we have it when buying bitcoins for a certain amount of ethers, the minimum amount remains Ethereum that cannot be converted to bitcoin in any way, and so here's the leftovers say there is 0, 0 0 0 0 1 ethereum these are the leftovers called crypto dust this is crypto dust you can automatically convert to BNB tokens in the crypto currency of the Binance exchange itself why I use Binance because in addition to this wonderful function in Binance, for example, on other exchanges converting one currency into another currency you are left with dust, but you cannot apply this dust in any way, that is, you have 00001 left ethereum and you so that this 0001 and a movie about which is equivalent to suppose 50 rubles on this 30 rubles in order to use this balance you need to report a little more on the air to let's say the equivalent of 100 rubles, that is, invest a little more in ethereum and completely change all these 100 rubles on the Binance exchange, but there is an opportunity automatically convert leftovers automatically convert this dust and this is why the Binance exchange is very good.In addition, we gain very low commissions much lower than on all other exchanges promptly working support service and a fairly user-friendly interface also the volatility on the Binance exchange is really high, so I recommend Binance if you registered on other exchanges but not registered on the Binance crypto exchange, I advise you in any case Binance register you will see all the pros registration takes 30 minutes and does not require any documents a complete video instruction on registration is on the channel a link, I will leave in the description of the video also on the top right now a notification has left by clicking on this notification, you will also be taken to a video lesson on registration takes 30 minutes after that you can then use the Binance crypto exchange, but for those who already have an account on Binance, I will tell you how to convert cryptocurrency dust we go into the asset, now the Russian interface is worth it, but in principle you can use English there is no difference click the asset on the top right click the balance go to the balance tab on the balance page we see a list of currencies that are on our account here is the available balance, I closed it the estimated cost is closed also I have a checkmark to hide small balances and it is these small balances that we will now convert to BNB tokens, in order to convert, just click convert at BNB we get to the page with automatic conversion and on this page we see a list of cryptocurrencies in which we have the so-called crypto dust this list of mine can be scrolled up and down literally a little bit of each currency is, let's say we have siacoin zero integers 0 0 0 0 0 33 satoshi na yes if we look at the example of a storm, then its 054 is all enough small small amounts and they cannot be used in trading in any way; in order to use the remainder of these cryptocurrencies, we need to convert these tokens into Binance exchange tokens in BNB for this, click at the very bottom of convert BNB and we are told that all cryptocurrencies will be automatically converted to BNB tokens equivalent to 0.2 BNB press the end after which we receive a notification that everything converted and these BNB tokens are credited to our balance BNB in ​​this way you have all the dust converted and we can already buy any cryptocurrency through BNB tokens, usually with active trading, a huge amount accumulates the amount of cryptocurrency dust and on other exchanges, as I said in this cryptocurrency, dust cannot be used in any way, it all settles in your pockets exchange on the ben anji exchange you convert this crypto currency dust and for BNB tokens already buy a new cryptocurrency on this all I hope that the video was useful if the video was useful, do not forget to like and write any comment as well as subscribe to the channel if you have not subscribed yet if you think that the whole channel really benefits you, do not forget that you can support the channel with 1 donated link in the description as well I remind you of the presence of the telegram channel t dots mi crypto cat in which news about of cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency world, the link will also be in the description on this all successful trades and for now

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