Заработок на dogecoin без вложений(2)

Hello everyone, this is the mania channel I am and this is a continuation of the topic of making money on the site freebitcoin on dogecoin currency and as you remember I already had 440 dogecoin of at the start of our earnings and I will tell you how 449 it was it's just that you have such that for an hour they pressed the button with the edge the total was entered captcha and we were charged a far different so a week later I saved up 450 far from it and you owe it the same week collect buttons there and then you have to use the method I have more playdoh we go so further there is such a window click lunch then press bsb you should have a minimum and we should only use this tactic with 200 dogs but if you use their tactics with a different number of smaller arc of warriors then have you have a great chance of winning everything from people, so without rest, we put everything exactly just like mine 1.36 why 136 because we go to lunch in the main and see 1.

16th floor sit patents on you because if you it will also be big we put 16 so, but the number of bets is 1000, but if you are somewhere far away leaves when you are already leaving for a walk to work or who and where then you can put on and put there 10 100 million but I'll tell you why and if you are at home only 1000 if you want not at all bet so as not to risk or bet he here I want to put on this where it is put higher he will be and did not come out endow so we look he leaves the wines just like mine we click the checkbox of the buy questionnaires we put instead of 0 we put 300 because if we lose where it stands, it will triple and we will not nothing to lose funnily we will all swim so you should have us here it should also be like mine, so everything is ready here setting like this you can remember to look so further press start out killed here we go I pressed the stop bets, they start from here, so he fills far, you don't see, and now lord this is how many bets made this the biggest bet for this this is how much you have for all the time in where there were depths so what is the rate the final callout about vishnu and that's but in the end we have everything going now sometime dangles in a thousand words, I'll explain to you why the game is a thousand that's all good you are now so for 1000 bets we earned 8 dogecoin of it all go 10 kopecks see here and if you count bonus for free bonus 12 plus maybe there 5 times a day you will make a purchase by 1100 bucks when you have about $ 100 coins a day now and then when you have more than 10,000, the delivery can be increased by 1,000 dollars if you have more, you will bet per thousand, you will receive already 16 and how can be cool cool people so it really works so that you made sure that it works and does not cheat the system you can come in, I'll show you now how everyone wants to get out of here withdraw we press win the law so we press and there is an automatic withdrawal about your money is automatically deduced from the commission for the wand through 21 hours for example now eating he writes the minimum withdrawal amount 5 dogecoin one …

And there will be a commission for withdrawal if you want to withdraw now it can be 5 hours usually leads in about twenty minutes, but it also happens for a long time click view two and two Vincent you his years old scales 48 aus means that everything was successful completed and your money goes to the account within 8 hours and here on your wallet this address is this address so that you have a pain where it is the same you can enter any legs will be displayed on the throne another tea on my wallet so look now now I will find where here conclusions so if there is like this they are statistics like this show jackpots players goes under and and many statistics, well, it means here apparently not to be taken out ok look at their case 1935 saturday 26 numbers ok wait until the money comes, let's go so i while I can pause the video as you can see, very little time has passed since from the moment I ordered so we look at the balance here so here I am I crash, the abbot took out, well, such money was added and gradually or dogecoin and came in 7 minutes 456 from a commission one bitcoin and so you can earn and a few more things about this purpose, so 1000 will be set exactly a thousand because, for example, at home you are sitting there to do nothing, put the sites and he is stuffing you money is filling you with money and but this is the button that has been updated with free on vocal and we will return the site we put on a thousand here why because he and if he is already walking more than 1000 he already sees that you win and how you take his money and is already starting to drain you throws maybe to throw up such rates so that the latter have a huge balance minimum rates so you need no more than a thousand and fit you still don't need to leave money on this site for a long time because it happens such pains I would have been 500, I earned and became only it was a very disappointing place for only 23 years they got there support wrote that this is a bug and returned me and this is very long and to zero and not at full price because there was no evidence to the court well, that's the third thing to develop faster is to make a deposit type of investment, for example, 100 Russian rubles or now, I made a wish, you can buy 10,000 to a certain 10 thousand others it turns out you can insert big bets on the day of landing make wiser decide for yourself with you there was a channel money m subscribe I hope everything is clear on this site if you write to my email it is in the description of the channel, please register on my I will leave the annual referral link below because without this you will not lose anything and for this they will give me some kind of patient far away and not on a wave from so that less whether it comes to me from the fact that I invited you 100 times nothing after change and you will help me all thanks for watching and all the fingers of affairs

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